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Empowered Living for SuperWomen™

3 month one-on-one coaching program

SuperWomen are constantly taking on more responsibilities, being promoted, saying 'yes' to everyone and every project because they love helping others and doing what they can to help their colleagues, family and friends.

You have added yet another project, birthday party, play date for the kids, going away party, volunteer project and so on. It never ends.

With so much on your daily plate, you are getting tired, are starting to get foggy brain, frustrated with not having the energy like you used to, and wanting more time in a day or week or even month for that matter to get everything done. 

Wondering what to do to get your life back?

Are you tired of being tired, wondering how you can add another day into the week, or hour in the day or where can you get another cup of coffee from so you can get that last project done for the day?

I have a customized 6 Step Coaching Program that will help you learn how to feel energized to live a life outside of the never-ending “to do’s” so you can overcome exhaustion and the feeling that the weight of the world is on your shoulders!  


Invest in Yourself and Get Started Today!

Investment: $995.00

Value: Can you put a number on Transformation?

(Payment plans are available)

One on One 3 Month Coaching Program- Let's do this!

Empowered Living for SuperWomen™

Your Holistic Road Map...



Get started by getting set up in HIPPA-compliant client portal, filling out paperwork, learning about your wellness goals and reviewing them together.  
You'll get access to the private client portal where you can instantly have 1:1 access for support!


Mindset Mastery for SuperWomen

Let’s dive in and create awareness about what is causing the cycle of the growing to do list and how it got to the point of feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders that is causing you to be exhausted all of the time. 


Mindfulness Eating for SuperWomen  

Learn how to eat mindfully and how that impacts your overall body.


Balance in your Sanctuary for SuperWomen  

When was the last time you did something that was just for you?

We will look at Self Care, what it is and why are bodies desperately need it and how it can be implemented in your life.


SuperWomen Who Say ‘Yes” to Everything  

What happens when you say ‘yes’ to everyone all the time?

Are you saying ‘yes’ because you want to and have time?

Discover how you can reserve time for you by not always saying ‘yes’.


SuperWomen Under Pressure 

Are you so stressed out that you can barely focus on one thing at a time?

Discover how to minimize stress, so you are not slowed down by the weight of the world from your projects, ‘to do’ list, to every other list you have going on in your brain with pending deadlines.  

Do you wonder if what you feel is your energy or if you are absorbing the energy of those around you which leads to more stress and anxiety?


A SuperWoman Creates Her Life

Do you know what you want to do?

Are you living your dreams?

Let’s get clear on your goals, status of pressure, exhaustion and how to not fall back into the cycle.

We will find out what kind of support system you need to keep you on this new path and why it is important to ask for help.

You are the Creator/Boss of You!  


Superwomen- Acknowledge YOUR Wins!  

At this point you will have been on your wellness journey for 3 Months!

Now is the time to evaluate where you started, where you arrived and where want to go!

We will recognize what you accomplished and what the next level of your journey looks like to keep on growing into the Redefined SuperWoman that YOU want to BE!

Your BEST Version of YOU!

Tools and Bonuses Included in Your Program. . . 

  • The SuperWoman’s Mindset Guide
  • SuperWoman’s Pressure-Free Food Journal 
  •  Endless Energy Guide
  • SuperWomen’s Self Care Action Plan
  • SuperWoman’s Boundary Setting Tips  
  • SuperWoman’s Blueprint to Mindfulness  
  • Tips to Decluttering to reaffirm your Goals in your Space  
  • Initial Review Session to review coaching agreement, intake form and foundation of 'how we will work together' (this will be 1 Hour & 30 Minutes)
  • Six (One-Hour) One on One Zoom Coaching Sessions  
  • Accountability Support- Email and Text Check-in's
  • HIPPA Compliant Client Portal
  • Customized Resources/Guidance just for You!

(All of this is VALUED at over $3000!!)


I'm offering a complimentary Empowered Living Assessment.

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Normal price: $97  

Your price: FREE (for a limited time)  

Read what my clients are saying. . . 

I received Kim's services in her 90 Days to Superwoman Coaching Program. I began the program at a time when I was feeling ran down, vulnerable, irritable, and just plain LOW. Her program is amazing!

It's tailored to you, so whatever it is you are going through, she has suggestions, tips and tricks to help you through the tough times and you can keep in your toolbox on your journey to wellness.

It may seem like a lofty investment, but it is truly worth it and I will recommend her to any friend who needs a little lift.

-Stephanie Henning, Realtor at Liz Moore and Associates

Working with Kim Goeltom has been a wonderful experience and journey. Her advise and support on Health and Mental Focus have impacted me personally and my staff.

We have reached goals that surpassed my expectations and I refer to her regularly.

Thank you Kim for finding your focus and sharing it with us.

- Mildred A. Cruz, Owner of MOR on Demand

It is my observation that Kim enjoys her Wellness Coach career path and truly cares about others. That’s key.

It’s not just “what’s in it for her”; she glows when helping others and walks the talk.

She is very knowledgeable about whole wellness self-care including nutrition, a great listener and speaker, organized, and a strategic thinker.

-Sue Smith, Pharm.D., Business-Communications B.A.

A Personal Note from Kim. . . 

My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges "Superwomen" encounter. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding to my clients.  

I was a workaholic who survived on performance addiction and said 'yes' to everyone and every project and by doing that it took a toll on my health. I ended up with Adrenal Fatigue and didn't have energy to do anything. I was tired of being tired all the time and saying 'no' to all the fun things that I wanted to say 'yes' to!  

I started exploring wellness and my journey of study organically led me to becoming a Master Certified Wellness Coach. 

Today, I guide other highly driven female professionals who are exhausted from managing everything and everyone. I help them overcome the nagging feeling that there’s never enough time in the day to get it done. Working together, we relieve the non-stop pressure and my clients finally feel energized to live a life outside of the ‘to do’s’. 

To learn more, please schedule your complimentary Empowered Living Assessment. 


Invest in Yourself and Get Started Today!

Investment: $995.00

Value: Can you put a number on Transformation?

Payment Plan Options are Available!

1. 3 monthly payments of $335.00 or

2. 6 biweekly payments of $166.00

(email if you would like to do a payment plan!)